Fionia Apartments

Originally built in 1922, the Fionia building is located at 109 John St, Seattle WA 98109. It is currently owned by Pacific Crest Real Estate, who offer apartments for rent. It is a 5-story brick building, with 60 apartments in Studio, 1- and 2-Bedroom floorplans. Many architectural details are original, including the marble entryway, hardwood flooring, and scissor-gate elevator. Various renovations have been made to the units, such as new plumbing, wiring, and interior decorations. The remaining space on the property was redeveloped in the 2010s from a three low-rise commercial/restaurant businesses into a modern 5-story apartment complex now known as “101 John Street”. With a shared courtyard and greenspace, these two buildings form a part of the dense urban landscape that is growing throughout modern Seattle.

The Queen Anne neighborhood has many memorable sights and restaurants, including:

In 1988, the Fionia was the home of Eugene E Kashpureff and Sandy Lynn-Leilani Peterson, who gave birth to Eugene Evgenevich Kashpureff in early December, attended by a Native American midwife. Although they soon moved to a house in West Seattle, this has always been remembered as the first home of the most recent generation of the Kashpureffs.

Eugene Evgenevich moved back to the building in December 2019, where he enjoys a view of the Space Needle from the living room.


Hello, internet! You have found the beginning of the Kashpureff Family blog. This is the first stream-of-consciousness entry in our self-published online story.

We are the Kashpureffs, hailing from throughout the United States of America, Planet Earth. Our family lineage traces to the Siberian region of the Russian Empire, prior to the revolutions of 1917. Legend tells that the surviving siblings escaped on horseback with the family silver collection to their second home in Hong Kong before emigrating to San Francisco.

The intervening years are full of stories that will be told on these pages, and the future holds more yet to be written. Stay tuned!