Fionia Apartments

Originally built in 1922, the Fionia building is located at 109 John St, Seattle WA 98109. It is currently owned by Pacific Crest Real Estate, who offer apartments for rent. It is a 5-story brick building, with 60 apartments in Studio, 1- and 2-Bedroom floorplans. Many architectural details are original, including the marble entryway, hardwood flooring, and scissor-gate elevator. Various renovations have been made to the units, such as new plumbing, wiring, and interior decorations. The remaining space on the property was redeveloped in the 2010s from a three low-rise commercial/restaurant businesses into a modern 5-story apartment complex now known as “101 John Street”. With a shared courtyard and greenspace, these two buildings form a part of the dense urban landscape that is growing throughout modern Seattle.

The Queen Anne neighborhood has many memorable sights and restaurants, including:

In 1988, the Fionia was the home of Eugene E Kashpureff and Sandy Lynn-Leilani Peterson, who gave birth to Eugene Evgenevich Kashpureff in early December, attended by a Native American midwife. Although they soon moved to a house in West Seattle, this has always been remembered as the first home of the most recent generation of the Kashpureffs.

Eugene Evgenevich moved back to the building in December 2019, where he enjoys a view of the Space Needle from the living room.

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One thought on “Fionia Apartments

  1. Eugene, Jr. actually spent more than a year in that little studio apartment with his parents. He commuted to the Pike Place Market almost every day in a little red wagon. He spent time in a banana box under my craft table where I sold my custom made NamePins. His favorite lunch was a raisin bagel.
    Millie, the market master commented that he was as sober as a judge, because he was so serious.
    The market was not open on Sundays, yet, so I would pull him in his wagon through the Seattle Center to the QFC supermarket on the other side.
    We frequented the Mexican Restaurant around the corner, where most of the employees knew his name.

    I almost forgot…when he was just a few days old, I carried him inside my coat to the local bar where his father and I played darts, until they discovered his presence, and kicked us out for bringing a minor into a bar.


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